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Welcome to the Inner-healing Web Site

hosted by F. Michael Montgomery, LCSW, LMFT

LCS 6184, MFC 15488

Therapy for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing setting

This Inner-healing web site is a resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.

My desire is to support people in their own healing through the compassionate and courageous work of their hearts. 


To have the healing we yearn for in our lives, we need to be compassionate with ourselves. To have our peace of mind,

we need to break free of our old patterns. Our struggles offer us a rich opportunity to bring us to our compassionate healing.


     Everyday we are touched by the pushes and pulls of our lives. Relationships and work can be so supportive and fulfilling and yet also be a source of frustration, hurt and anger.
     To bring the healing we yearn for into our lives, we need to be compassionate with ourselves. To have the peace of mind we seek, we need to begin with ourselves.  These very human experiences that painfully touch our lives can offer us an invaluable opportunity to break free of the old patterns of our lives. We know these patterns so very well but they do not take us where we want to be.
     All too often, without even realizing it, we respond in a way that is painfully self-critical. We may feel irritated and discouraged that we are not perfect, that we are not strong enough, that we feel "weak," or that we so often feel anxious. And so it is that when we are most in need of support and understanding in a painful moment, we are all too likely to instead kick ourselves for our perceived shortcomings.
     Yet our healing comes through our being able to meet ourselves in a caring and compassionate way. Hearing this, some may think that this means coddling ourselves or excusing our mistakes - and so we find ourselves once again with our painful judgments of ourselves.
     So many people honestly don't know how to be compassionate with themselves. They may feel this readily for others yet when it comes to themselves find that they are painfully excluded from their own hearts.
     Similar issues may arise for us as a couple or in other relationships. In our hurt or anger we may strike out or withdraw but still end up feeling unheard and not cared about. What we are needing is to create that safe and compassionate place for our own self and for each other in which to share our stories. This is an idea easy to understand but much harder to live out.      
     These painful places in which we may find ourselves reflect our own inner wounds. To have our own peace of mind we must first find our own inner peace. I have found that this is more the work of our hearts than than it is the work of our minds. It is our hearts that provide the gateway to our healing and to our peace of mind through its compassionate understanding.  It is my purpose through this site to be a resource for healing in our lives.


If you would like information about my background, you may check out my resume.  If you wish to contact me, you can reach me by e-mail or through my office. You may get more information about my practice by downloading my brochure.

In my website here, I address a number of issues including grief and loss, anxiety, depression and spirituality.  There is also information about somatic therapy which specifically focuses in integrating the whole person: the body, mind, and spirit. 

To assist you on your journey, please feel free to explore the areas listed both to the left and below.  These areas are described in more detail below.  

It may help to see a therapist to support this process.  You can find information about how to choose a therapist by clicking here as well as a link to help you find a local therapist by clicking here.

bulletStories:  real stories of people providing inspiration and encouragement regarding issues that affect our lives.
bulletArticles:   short discussions that provide insight and promote self-awareness.
bulletBooks:   to find out more about the above subjects, check out this collection of books which include brief descriptions of each.
bulletQuotes:   educational and inspirational quotes.
bulletSomatic Therapy:  this explains what somatic therapy is and how it works.
bulletFinding A Therapist:   what to consider in choosing a therapist as well as a link to find a local therapist.
bullet9/11 & Trauma:   information and support for those struggling with the impact of 9/11.
bulletMy Resume:   information about my licenses, training and experience.
bulletMy Workshops:   a listing of the workshops that I give.
Working Through Grief: Healing Through Change and Loss
Dancing With Dragons: Healing Through Our Dark Side
Healing Through Our Shadows: Reclaiming Our Wholeness
Healing Through Our Relationships: Deepening Intimacy with Those You Love
bulletMy Office Info:  information on how to contact me along with directions and a map to my office and my downloadable office forms
bulletLinks:  a list of links that provide information and resources that also contribute toward both our individual healing and the healing of our planet

Please E-mail me with any suggestions, comments, or feedback you may have. I would really like to hear from you!

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