Welcome to the Inner-healing Web Site
hosted by F. Michael Montgomery, LCSW, LMFT
LCS# 6184, MFC# 15488
Therapy for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing setting.
This Inner-healing web site is a resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.
My desire is to support people in their own healing through the compassionate and courageous work of their hearts.


Below are a number of quotes that I have found to be inspiring. Enjoy!



Our lives are transformed as we actively take part in fully living our lives with...
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Some thoughts on healing and what it means in our lives. A Course in Miracles...
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Love is the key to our healing, our trusting and our growing. May we be...
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Grief may touch our lives in profound ways and if we are willing to be...
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Being Present

The following quotes speak of ways of truly being present both with ourselves and with...
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Fear can be so present in our lives without our even knowing it. Here are...
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We are all in relationships in this life together and what we can learn through...
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