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Therapy for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing setting.
This Inner-healing web site is a resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.
My desire is to support people in their own healing through the compassionate and courageous work of their hearts.

Below are stories of real people. Their stories help illustrate the kinds of issues and struggles that most of us can identify with in ourselves. Reading about the work these people have done may help validate the feelings and experiences that we have. I have changed the names and circumstances in these stories. I want to thank these people for the inspirational work they have done and their willingness to share their stories. May these stories encourage and support us all.

When Our Needs Aren't Met

Lisa had worked for non-profit charities for years. Serving others had always been a priority and focus for her. After being in therapy for about three months, she finally risked sharing that she was a kleptomaniac. She admitted this with profound 

Letting Go of Control

David is a young man in his twenties and grieving his father’s death one and a half years ago. He’d been able to grieve over the death of his father and come to a certain peace with it. But today, in his therapy session,

Our Inner Critic

Cynthia was disillusioned and really down on herself. Here she was in her early thirties, not married and with no children yet she wanted a family. What really brought this to light even more was her growing relationship with 


John had wanted to be a sheriff. He easily passed the mandatory intelligence and personality tests but kept failing the physical. His strength was good but he could never pass the running test. He had to run a certain number of laps under

What Is Grief and Healing?

Grief is a natural healing process that takes place as we are affected by all the changes that touch our lives. It is about these changes as well as the losses in our lives. Before I worked for a hospice organization for eleven