We are all in relationships in this life together and what we can learn through our relationships with ourself, with our spouses and partners, family and loved ones is ever open. Enjoy!

One day I said, “I will go out and look for my enemies” and that day I found no friends.
The next day I said, “I will go out and look for my friends” and that day I found no enemies.
Native American Proverb

The distance from your pain, your grief, your unattended wounds, is the distance from your partner. And the distance from your partner is your distance from the living truth, your own great nature. Whatever maintains that distance, that separation from ourselves and our beloveds, must be investigated with mercy and awareness. This distance is not overcome by one “giving up their space” to another, but by both partners entering together the unknown between them. The mind creates the abyss but the heart crosses it.
Stephen and Ondrea Levine
Embracing the Beloved: Relationship As A Path of Awakening

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