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Welcome to the Inner-healing Web Site

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Therapy for the heart, mind, body and spirit in a safe and healing setting

This Inner-healing web site is a resource center for the support and promotion of personal growth and healing.

My desire is to support people in their own healing through the compassionate and courageous work of their hearts. 


Healing Through Trauma

Many of our lives have been touched by trauma and some by its after effects, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We can experience trauma through personal experiences such as an accident or personal assault. Situations such as earthquake or other natural disaster may be traumatizing as well. The tragedy of 9/11 was traumatizing for many people which includes not only those whose loved ones died there, but by those who directly witnessed that tragedy and those first responders who so bravely worked there. And then there are those in our military and National Guard who may have experienced trauma through their service in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other armed situations.

When traumatized, our reactions naturally involve many feelings and experiences including denial, fear and outrage, sleeplessness and flashbacks. These are all very common reactions. Ultimately, I believe we are challenged to compassionately meet these reactions in a way that brings about our healing. Otherwise we may choicelessly find ourselves living out our fears and anger in our everyday lives.

We naturally avoid pain and pull back. This serves us so that we pull back from a flame to avoid being burnt. Pulling back can also give us the time we need to come to grips with the "unspeakable" that has crashed against our lives. However, to remain locked in this place of retreat robs us of the opportunity to come into our own healing. This is the healing that comes through finding a way to meet the unimaginable, to come to know it in a different way. I have found that healing is a process better navigated through our hearts rather than figured out with our minds. All too often our minds bring us to those painful places of self-judgment, fear, criticism and even self-hatred. Our hearts provide us with the compassion, mercy, understanding and forgiveness that we truly seek.

When we find ourselves still struggling with trauma, we can end up feeling like we are "crazy" or are somehow lacking, or not being strong enough (or else we would not still be struggling, right?) This in turn can lead to not talking anymore about how we are feeling and trying to avoid any circumstances that may remind us of the trauma. And this can then lead to isolating ourselves from others and at a time when we are most in need of support.

This page is meant to be a resource for those whose lives have in some way been impacted by trauma which also includes the family and friends of those who have been traumatized.

Below are links and quotes that may be helpful in caring for yourself as you begin or continue your process of healing. It is my hope that it will help support you in knowing that you are not alone in your thoughts, fears and nightmares. It is so important that you have the support you need to keep on talking, sharing, writing and feeling so that you do continue on your journey of healing.

Coping with traumatic stress - this page has a lot of information about PTSD.  

A Grief Meditation by Stephen Levine - this guided meditation can be a profoundly helpful means of connecting with our own hearts in order to begin and continue our own healing.

Quotes - you may find these helpful in reminding us all that we are not alone and in helping us to begin to forge a different perspective about our struggles.

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